Our Birthday Parties are tailored exactly to your child’s wishes, and in fact, we much prefer the Birthday Boy or Girl to come up with the theme for the party – whether it be princesses, pirates or even Spring!

“So amazing, can not recommend them enough. My daughter had such a lovely party as did all her friends and this was mainly due to Crafty Critters. They were absolutely incredible! The team were all so lovely and very kind and thoughtful and obviously love what they do. If you’d like entertainment for your kid’s party I’d suggest that you book them, you won’t regret it I promise! Thank you Crafty Critters for making my daughter’s fourth birthday party so special! We can’t wait to book them again!” Parent of a birthday child, July 2022

We provide all arts and crafts materials, as well as disposable aprons for the guests, whilst the Birthday Child receives a branded Crafty Critters apron to keep. Our parties typically include 60-80 minutes of arts and crafts, broken up with 20-30 minutes of party games.

All parties include a variety of themed games, as well as more traditional games, such as pass-the-parcel, tug-of-war, musical statues, and any other games that the birthday boy or girl would like!

Our parties start at £300 for 20 children and last for two hours. We will provide all of the arts and crafts, games, music and prizes. The party will be hosted by 2/3 members of the Crafty Critters Club team who will run all of the games and arts and crafts activities. Our team will also clean up after the arts and crafts.

Once we have received your enquiry, we’ll put together a detailed party plan for you to look over!

Recent Party Themes


Dinosaur Party

This party comes complete with an inflatable dinosaur! After the children have designed their party bags, they’ll set about making their own dinosaur excavation kit, create a giant T-Rex painting, and make their own wooden dinosaur model. There’ll be tons of team games and party games, including Wrap-the Rex, and time for the birthday cake too


Rainbow Party

This is an awesome party! It involves giant card rainbows, melted crayons canvas masterpieces and colourful cup cakes! The games include Rainbow bumps and Finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.


Charlie & The Chocolate Factory

This is the party for chocolate-loving children! At this party, the children design and make their own chocolate bar using melted chocolate and a variety of sweet treats. They’ll even make their own golden tickets. We’ll also ask the children to create their own Chocolate Room masterpiece using a variety of collaging materials. Games include the Juicing Room game, the Augustus Gloop race and Wonka’s chocolate treasure hunt.


Snow Queen Party

Our Snow Queen Party is a must for the Ice Princes and Princesses out there! We’ll be creating tiaras and crowns, magic mirrors, magic wands, collaging castles and decorating fairy cakes with butter icing and treats. We”ll play frozen statues, snow queen corners, and building our own snowmen.


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