Payements can be made on our booking system. We also accept payments by bank transfer, childcare vouchers or tax-free government payments.

Your child’s place is guaranteed from the point that you receive the confirmation email.

You can choose to book in for a single day, or for every day. We fill up quite quickly, so early booking is recommended.

Unfortunately we do not offer taster sessions or free trials

We only offer refunds for Covid related absences or in extreme circumstances only.

We send out a welcome email a few days before the holiday camps start to let you know everything that your child requires for the day. Most importantly, your child will need a full packed lunch, two snacks and a full water bottle.

The apron will be given to your child at his/her first session at Crafty Critters, and he/she will take it home with him. We always write the child’s name on the apron, but recommend that you label it properly when it goes home. Most of the children at Crafty Critters have one of our aprons, and if they are labelled, it is much easier for us to return them if they get left behind.

Unfortunately, your child’s place is not transferable. Whilst we have every sympathy for a sick or tired child, we would still incur financial consequences for non-attendees, from staffing costs to art materials, which are usually purchased specifically for that day’s activities.

Our holiday camps are designed for all primary-school aged children from 4 years old.

Yes! We offer full flexibility. You can usually drop off earlier/pick up later within our 8am to 6pm day. Please email us to let us know which dates/times you need extended, or put a note on your child’s registration form when you fill it out.

Dropping off before 8am or picking after 6pm can be arranged at a higher rate. Please email us for details.

Everyday at camp is timetabled, so there is no time for the children to get bored, and no time for them to think up any mischief either! They usually go home exhausted but happy.

A typical day is structured as follows:

8 – 8.30am breakfast (toast, cereal or crumpets)

8.30 – 9am board games, puzzles, building blocks, reading & lego

9am (standard day children arrive) ice breaker games and getting to know the children

9.15am story (e.g. Aladdin – depends what the theme is that week)

9.30 to 10.15am messy crafts based on story (e.g. painting a flying carpet or making a clay lamp)

10.15 to 10.30am snack

10.30 to 10.45 playground time

10.45 to 12 more arts and crafts based on story

12 lunch time (children bring packed lunches)

12.20 playground time, or if it’s raining, we will play musical bumps or another game in the hall

1pm to 1.50pm STEM activities, team games & science experiments

1.50 to 2pm snack

2pm to 4pm sports workshop (eg gymnastics, tennis etc – this changes each day too and is delivered by specialist coaches who arrive at 2pm and run the workshops)

4pm – standard day children go home

4pm – food activity – e.g. making couscous or paninis, and eating them!

4.30pm team game e.g. bingo, bowling etc

5.15pm – quiet play, mindfulness colouring & music, board games or movie

6pm camp closed